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This Coaching Program helps enhance your leadership skills so that you are successful in an Executive level role. Starting with an assessment, we work with leaders to enhance their leadership presence, remove unconscious bias, and learn to lead with authenticity. Times are changing, people no longer want to work for “fake” leaders. In fact, self-awareness is a key predictor of success. To get you there, we will set clear goals and as Coaches, we hold you fully accountable for those goals. With this program, you will gain awareness, confidence, and learn to lead in a way that promotes innovation and inclusion. Includes DiSC assessment and Leadership 360.

Minimum 6 Month Engagement

Program starts at $15,000.00

Career Shift

This Coaching Program creates a shift in perspective allowing clients to grow in their current role, move into a more fulfilling role, or change careers entirely. In this Coaching Program, you discover what the competitive advantage is that you bring to the table by fully uncovering your strengths and development areas. With your coach, you will co-create a plan to capitalize on your strengths and mitigate your development areas so that you can propel your career forward at a pace significantly faster than your peers. Includes DiSC assessment.

Minimum 3 Month Engagement

Program starts at $8,000.00

Reputation Management

This Coaching Program walks clients through the steps necessary to cultivate their personal brand, market themselves, increase their network and enhance their careers. As a result of this Coaching Program you will develop your own “Elevator Pitch”, a Personal Mission Statement that is all about who YOU are.

Minimum 1 Month Engagement

Program starts at $1,500.00

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