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If you want to grow professionally, executive coaching is the way to go. We coach leaders to the next level. What are you waiting for? Get Growing!

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This Coaching Program ensures that leaders are fully prepared to be successful in an Executive level role. We work with leaders to enhance their leadership presence, remove unconscious bias and develop their leadership skills. This Coaching Program helps you set goals and as Coaches, we hold you accountable for those goals.


Career Shift

This Coaching Program creates a shift in perspective allowing clients to grow in their current role, move into a more fulfilling role, or change careers entirely. In this Coaching Program you what the competitive advantage is that you bring to the table by fully uncovering your strengths and development areas. With your coach you will co-create a plan to capitalize on your strengths and mitigate your development areas.


Reputation Management

This Coaching Program walks clients through the steps necessary to cultivate their personal brand, market themselves, increase their network and enhance their careers. As a result of this Coaching Program you will develop your own “Elevator Pitch”, a Personal Mission Statement that is all about who YOU are.


A Beginner’s Guide to Working From Home and Staying Productive

Working from home sounds like a dream. You’re in the comfort of your own home. There’s no boss or anyone else breathing down your back. You can set your hours, and come and go as you please. You'll need the motivation to work alone, but it's possible. From freelance...

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Diversity and Inclusion. Are you doing it right?

Many companies are putting policies and processes in place to help with their diversity and inclusion efforts. For the most part, this is a good thing. Without deliberate effort, companies run the risk of remaining completely stagnant with no new ideas moving them...

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Why Coaching?

Why Coaching? When I started my coaching program to learn how to be a coach, I was pretty sure that I already knew everything. I walked in, cocky as all get out, with my 15+ years of Human Resources experience “coaching” leaders. I could not have been more wrong....

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Life on the Struggle Bus

I am a part of an awesome mastermind group. But because we are not pretentious in the least, we don’t call it that. We call it the Ambition Alliance. That’s my crew. We haven’t been a team for very long but in the short time that we’ve been meeting, I have come to...

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LinkedIn Videos Show Diversity, Keep Them Coming!

I came across a post on LinkedIn the other day from a coach that really got me thinking. It was another one of those negative, “you shouldn't do this” posts, this one specifically about LinkedIn video. It basically said that people in jobs search who are posting...

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I Love My Job!

I met someone for the first recently and went through the adult pleasantries of getting to know more about the person and she asked me, “What do you do?” I said, “HR and Coaching”. She frowned and said “HR, ugh, do you like it?” I said, without any hesitation, “I love...

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