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I’m often asked about what led me to become a coach and what the process was for me to become a certified Coach. What led me to be a coach is a long story that I’ve summarized a bit but I’ve never really spelled out the process. I was lucky enough to find an awesome coaching program at The Institute for Integrative Intelligence This program prepared me to become credentialed through The International Coach Federation, the only globally recognized, independent credentialing program for coaches. It was important to me to get the proper training and become credentialed, mostly because the industry is largely unregulated. I wanted to provide the best level of service possible to any future clients.


Local ICF

This seems to be a constant back and forth with some coaches but I feel strongly that as coaches, we are influencing people’s lives in a major way. I wouldn’t want to go to an uncredentialled doctor or send my kids to an unaccredited college so why would I want to be an uncredentialled coach with no training? My two cents, take the time to get properly trained. Coaching, when done right, isn’t easy. My local ICF Chapter in Arizona is awesome and absolutely worth the cost of being a member. I suggest you check yours out!


One of my favorite places to get coaching tools and resources is The Coaching Tools Company. I absolutely love that website and if you are an ICF member, they offer a great discount! Emma-Louise also runs one of the most helpful Facebook Groups I’ve had the pleasure of being a part of. I have received excellent feedback, tips, and other important information from the members of that group.


Once I got up and running, it was time to get the back end of my coaching program up and running. I had the luck and fortune to discover Neta Talmor and her No Hassle Websites. She is an amazing entrepreneur who helps coaches like us learn how to build our own websites at an extremely reasonable cost. She also has an enormously helpful support group on Facebook that you get access to if you purchase a website from her.


Because I am not good with paper files, finding a great system to house my client data was of the utmost importance. After months of research, I finally decided to go with Coach Accountable and I am so glad that I did. This system changed the way that I was able to coach. Holding my clients accountable became a breeze. I have online client notes that I can refer back to from my phone, a robust scheduling system, invoicing, goal setting, you name it. I swear by this system, I’d be lost without it.


I am part of a great Mastermind group that provides guidance and support. If you don’t have one, create one! We don’t pay to meet up, we just share resources, stories and encourage each other. It has been tremendously helpful. One thing that I discovered in that group was that sometimes paying someone to make your presentation pretty or put together marketing materials is totally worth it. I typically use Fiverr because there are tons of freelancers on that site to choose from.


Full disclosure, this page has a couple of affiliate links, this means that if you purchase something using that link, I get some money. It feels icky to not let you know that. However, please know that everything that I recommend, I use and love.


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