Here are a few more FREE tools that you can use to help you grow and develop. We’ve designed these tools so that you can use them with or without the aid of a coach. Don’t forget to scroll to the bottom, there’s something here for everyone!  These are truly free, no email address, no credit card, just click and receive!

Career Values

A great way to know if your work is fulfilling is to determine if the work that you do is aligned with your personal values. This tool helps you do that and put together a plan to close the gap if they are not aligned. This tool can be done alone or during a coaching session and goes a long way in helping you determine your Personal Brand.

Career Planning Outline – Personal SWOT

This Career Planning Outline uses a Personal SWOT to help you determine your Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities and Threats. It also helps you determine short and long term career goals. One of my favorite tools, it pack a whole lot of punch! Once you’ve downloaded this tool, do it for yourself and then do it with each person on your team.  After that, if you need help with accountability, schedule a Free Discovery Session, we’ll help you out!

Get Feedback

Self-awareness is a key predictor of success. It’s always a good idea to know how you are perceived. If you haven’t asked those around you how you’re doing, you may not have a realistic idea of how those around you see you. As a coach, one of the things that I recommend is to do a 360 Leadership Assessment. If you don’t want to involve someone else just yet, you can get feedback on your own using this FREE worksheet.

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