4 Strategies for Managers to Bond With Their Employees

March 14, 2020

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One of the best ways to improve productivity within the workplace is to build a rapport with your subordinates. If you are new to the management field and are unsure of how to do that, here are some suggestions that can help you out.

Engage in Company Activities

Whenever there is a company picnic, office party, et cetera, by engaging in these activities, you send a message to your employees that you are part of the team rather than just over it. Atmospheres, such as a catered lunch, that are more relaxed will give you and your employees an opportunity to relate outside of the office politics and even make communicating in the office much easier.

Show Employees Your Appreciation

No matter who you are, whether you are a sales representative or a housewife, everyone wants to feel appreciated. The best way to get someone to perform in a manner that you want is by praising them whenever they do. Positive reinforcement will not only help your employees do their job better, but they will also be more open to listening to you as well.

Understand Every Single Job

Performing a Gemba walk may provide insight into your daily operations and help you understand what your employees are dealing with daily. Understanding what each job entails will help you empathize with your employees whenever they have an issue instead of dismissing their concerns. When your employees feel as though they are being heard and their concerns are valid, they will feel comfortable coming to you more, which will help to improve your relationship.

Provide Employees With Support and Guidance

When giving feedback that is not so positive, it is important that you not simply tell your employees what they did wrong but also tell them how they can make it right. Although correction comes with the managerial territory, it is also critical to provide positive feedback, as well, so employees know what they are doing right. Offering advice and tips that can help them be successful at work will ensure that your feedback is not only well received but also appreciated.

A good working relationship, just like any other, is based upon having an open line of communication. It is important that you try to understand your employees’ concerns, as well as, the needs of the company and communicate them in a positive and productive manner.

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