Why Leaders in Business Need to Manage Stress Better

September 5, 2019

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Natural born leaders fall into a role that has others watching their every move. But even natural born leaders face situations that cause them to stress out a bit. Leaders must be vigilant about how they react in all situations, especially stressful ones. Stress has a significant impact on how leaders respond to everyday activities and impromptu scenarios they were unprepared to handle.

Stress Causes You to Make Poor Decisions

Stress is a natural thing, and everyone chooses how to react to such events in life that cause theirs. Our bodies create what has been dubbed the stress hormone, which is called cortisol. While cortisol can have positive effects on our bodies, ultimately, too much of something leads to adverse outcomes. When a significant conflict arises, our brain creates a flight-or-fight scenario that we must respond to almost immediately.

Due to the knee-jerk reaction our minds take under a specifically stressful moment, rational thinking takes a back seat to impulse reaction. The inability to control how you react to stress will inevitably lead to making poor decisions and lashing out at others in close vicinity. Leaders must be one step ahead of the impending impact that stress creates. 

You Take Your Stress Out on Others

Snappy comments, quick decisions without a rational reason and lashing out at someone unrelated to the situation are a few ways leaders may be taking their stress out on those around them. Being known as the boss who has brash outbursts will create a negative atmosphere and impact the efficiency required to lead a team successfully.

These outbursts do not always stay within the office. Road rage is a common side effect of continued stress in the workplace. Quick decisions and blaming other drivers for their choices is the outlet some people use to relieve the anxiety they had to suppress in the office. This is what happens when you experience road rage, which is responsible for numerous car accidents every year. Try a few of the tips listed below to help relieve stress before road rage becomes a part of your drive home. 

Take Steps to Destress and React Professionally

There are a few methods a good leader should adopt to control stress before it controls them. Listen to what is said, and break down what needs addressing right away and what can be discussed later.

Situational awareness will help you recognize the need to breathe before speaking. Take a timeout, and walk away to collect your thoughts before making an on-the-spot decision. Take a walk or a break if the stress is too much to remain professional. A quick walk around the building before agreeing to something or the commute home can be helpful for reducing stress.

The best thing you can do as a leader to avoid taking out your stress on other people and continuing to lead your team to success is to take a step back and modulate your reaction to the situation at hand. Try not to make any hasty decisions, and take a break if you need to.

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