Tips for Keeping Morale Up in Your Remote Workforce

By T Sears

May 11, 2022

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The increase of remote work within the last several years has changed a lot of the ways business is handled. One of the more difficult things about remote workers can be trying to connect with them and keep up their morale from a distance. However, by utilizing these steps, you can keep morale up in your remote workforce and help your remote employees feel satisfied at your company.

Stay Connected

Because there’s so much less opportunity for you to see your employees face to face, it’s more vital than ever to make staying connected a priority. Whenever possible, try to use video conferencing instead of a voice call when talking with your employees. Seeing them as close to face to face as possible can help you both feel connected to each other. One of the best ways to boost employee morale is for them to feel appreciated. If you take the time to let your employees know that you are still willing and able to help them with any issues they may have, they’ll feel more connected to you. It’s common to have some issues and adjustments when working remotely, so it will help their morale to know they can come to you with anything that is posing a difficulty for them.

Encourage Self-Care

Working remotely can be the cause of some common pains since it may be more difficult to create an ergonomic workspace. First, they will likely spend significantly more time on their computer than employees who work in the office. To do any sort of communication, they’ll have to do it via a screen. This can cause headaches and lower energy levels. Encourage them to regularly set aside time where they are offline. This helps them not only feel like you care about their well-being, but also helps with their productivity on the job. Prioritizing employee wellness helps all of your employees have higher morale, but especially remote employees. It could also be a good idea to give them a small fund set aside for wellness. This can help them get a gym membership, or even just a more ergonomic office chair for their home office.

Show Employees You Care

All of these points really just boil down to showing your employees that you care about them and their well-being in and out of the office. With remote employees, showing them you care can be a bit more difficult. You may need to put forth extra effort to reach out to them and develop that strong working relationship. However, doing so will boost their morale, help them be more productive, and help you retain them for much longer.

As many more companies embrace hiring remote employees, managers need to rethink how to engage with their employees. Because you don’t see them at the office, you need to choose different tactics to keep up morale. These are a few of the best ways to connect with your remote employees.

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