5 Tips for Improving Your Brand Through Your Website

August 2, 2019

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Your brand is unique. Its persona is what distinguishes your brand from its competitors. In the age of technology, your website is a part of your brand. with so many competitors online, it can be difficult to distinguish your brand. Having a weak or negative brand image online impacts your brand’s credibility and can lead to missed business opportunities. I am telling you this from experience! I wish I’d known the 5 tips below before I created my first website. And remember, websites aren’t just for big businesses. You can have a resume website, or promote a podcast. If you want to be found, create a website. 

Choose Colors Carefully

Color choice is one of the most impactful parts of designing and building your website. You want colors to grab your visitor’s attention, as well as to relay your brand’s message. Understanding color psychology and its impact on the customer’s emotions highlights why knowing your target market is so important. Colors have different meanings in different cultures. Understanding these differences helps improve your brand by ensuring that your website is sending the proper message. Really think about what you want the color to say. How do you want it to make people feel? 

Design Your Layout Deliberately

The layout of your website adds to the success of your brand. A key concept of layouts in website design is known as ‘the fold’ — the amount of content that visitors can see without having to scroll. Measuring the amount of useful content versus the amount of “filler” content, like ads and graphics, is important in evaluating the user experience. Even planning white space usage is helpful, as it avoids overloading potential customers with images and information. The layout impacts how long users stay on the website, making it one of the most important branding elements for your brand. The longer visitors are on your website, the more they learn about your brand.

Design Your Site Uniquely

A unique identity is central to developing a successful brand. This is not only true for the products and services, but also the website. Don’t just pick the first free theme that looks good. If you can afford it, hire an experienced web designer whose portfolio showcases the kind of style you want to carry your brand. Custom design means a one-of-a-kind site. Making the investment to craft a unique image for your brand distinguishes you from your competitors and makes you more memorable to visitors. If you don’t have the ability to invest in a web designer, get a template that is highly customizable and user-friendly. 

Format Your Site Consistently

Consistency in website design plays a huge part in successfully improving your brand. Repeated colors and fonts help consumers remember your brand, especially when they are unique. A consistent design builds your brand’s image by ensuring that the right emotions are being conveyed throughout the site. Consistent design elements project a uniform and memorable image of your brand.

Use Intriguing Images Smartly

Professional visuals on your website are as much of a part of the design process as color and font selection. Visuals that are reflective of your brand’s color scheme and style can boost brand recognition by maintaining consistency. The details of each image are particularly designed so that they convey your brand’s message. Investing in visual elements is another way to display your brand’s personality throughout the website. High-quality visuals improve the overall look of your website. For businesses selling physical items, images that were taken by a professional photographer enhance the professionalism of your brand. Don’t forget the power of videos and infographics, as they can help convey more complicated messages.

A successful brand cannot exist without a unique identity. Every design decision should be made to display your brand’s message and personality. Is your brand creative or analytical? Traditional or innovative? Every element of your website’s design is focused on the brand and its message. Your website should be simple, consistent, clean and easily recognized. It should also be memorable, as a unique identity is central to building brand recognition. Lastly, personality is key. Consumers love brands that feel real. Think about the emotions that you want to be affiliated with your brand and use your website to evoke an emotional response. Following these tips will help you build a website that truly portrays your brand’s purpose and personality.

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