Stressful But Necessary Tasks Every Entrepreneur Needs to Do

By T Sears

April 12, 2022

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Entrepreneurship is one of the most surefire ways to take control of your career and unlock unlimited earning potential, time, and location freedom, and finally lead the life that you dream of. But entrepreneurship is also an incredibly difficult endeavor that requires tons of determination, discipline, and a willingness to do tedious and difficult work that others are not. Being an entrepreneur can be an exhilarating and exciting pursuit, but it also requires work that can be draining and stressful. Here are three stressful but necessary tasks that every entrepreneur needs to do and how you can achieve them.

Comply With Laws and Regulations

The first stressful but necessary task that every entrepreneur needs to do is comply with laws and regulations. Dealing with the government is stressful and difficult because nothing the government ever does, or writes is easy to understand or straightforward. If you have ever tried to read the regulations governing business operations, then you understand just how frustrating it can be to try and decipher them. But legal compliance is essential for all entrepreneurs because otherwise, you are running the risk of lawsuits, or even jail time. Do the work you need to follow the laws.

Hire and Replace Employees

Another of the many stressful but necessary tasks that every entrepreneur needs to do is hire and replace employees. Hiring is always difficult, especially in the current labor market where qualified workers are in short supply. Spending time hiring can feel like a huge time commitment that keeps you from getting other essential work done. Outsourcing your recruiting can save time and money in your search for employees. Just because the hiring task needs to get done doesn’t mean you can’t have others’ help. Hiring and replacing workers is an essential task.


The final stressful but necessary task that every entrepreneur needs to do is prepare and file taxes. Taxes are never fun or easy, even for employees with simple W-2 income and basic deductions. But for entrepreneurs with multiple streams of income and businesses, taxes become a maze that is difficult to stay on top of. You can hire a tax professional to help you and file for you, or you can utilize helpful tax software for entrepreneurs to help you.

There are seemingly countless tasks that entrepreneurs need to stay on top of. But some tasks are more necessary than others. Make sure that you tackle these three necessary but stressful tasks to keep your entrepreneurial endeavors afloat.

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