How To Protect Your Self-Worth During Job Searches

August 26, 2018

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Prolonged job hunting can take a physical and emotional toll. When faced with rejection after rejection, it is understandable that people may feel hopeless and upset. Many people feel that their job is an important part of their self-worth. They may have allowed themselves to be defined by their profession. Losing a job may mean a crisis of identity and a gradual erosion of self-worth.

Rather than letting the negative emotions take over during a long and arduous search process, change your perspective and look at the bright side of searching for a new job. When you have a positive attitude, you’ll be able to take advantage of all the opportunities coming your way.

It’s important to have the right mindset while searching for a new job. These tips will help you land the new job of your dreams while keeping your self-worth intact.

Create a Personal Brand

A job hunt is a great time to update your profile on networking websites such as LinkedIn. It’s smart to create a complete brand for yourself using your LinkedIn and social media accounts, as well as in your resume. Take the time to think about what makes you unique as an employee. What do you bring to the table that no one else does? 

Make sure that all information available to the public on your social media accounts, from photos to status updates and the groups you belong to, are all appropriate in a professional environment. You may feel that your social media accounts are private, but most people have a significant amount of information that is visible to the public. Take the time to search for yourself on Google. You may be surprised at what shows up.

On your résumé, skip listing your personal objectives. Begin instead with a list of your skills and accomplishments.  While it has become more acceptable for résumés to take up more than one page, make sure that you are only including relevant information. Be sure that all of your information is accurate and completely proofread.

Make Sure You Retain Structure

When employees are out of work, it’s all too easy to fall into the trap of Netflix binging and sleeping until noon. Treat job hunting as its own “job.” Get up on time and spend time doing concrete tasks that will help you get a job. Attend networking events and call companies for informational interviews. These informal sit-downs will give you an idea of what these companies are looking for and may give you a foot in the door where hiring interviews are concerned.

You may need a break from job-hunting from time to time, and that’s fine. Take a day for yourself and do all of the things you’ve been too busy to accomplish. You can then approach your job hunt fully refreshed and able to show yourself in your best light. If you want some concrete steps to take, sign up for this course to help you with your job search.

Take Advantage of Professional Connections

If you are job-hunting while you are still employed, use your networking connections to their best advantage. If you are a valued employee, your current employer may give you incentives to stay in your current position. Sometimes these offers are good enough to keep you in your current position, and sometimes they are not worth the trouble.

Attend networking events and social functions as much as you can. Get to know the staff at the company you would like to work for.

Contact the Company Offline

While employers are largely focused on accepting résumés online, it’s wise to supplement this contact with offline methods. Call the hiring manager and thank them for taking the time to look at your application. Find any possible connections at the new company and get in touch with them.

Remember That Your Job Is Only Part of your Identity

This tip can be difficult, but it’s important to remember that you are worthy as a person, not only because of your professional accomplishments. It’s hard to keep getting rejected from job opportunities, especially if you have been out of work for a long time and you are suffering financially. Stay in touch with your friends and family and let them remind you that you are more than your job.

The Consequences of Ongoing Job Searches

While job searching holds the potential to be damaging to your self-esteem, consider the positive aspects of the experience. You have the opportunity to start over in a new job, letting go of the preconceptions and defined roles from your previous workplace. The doors of life have swung wide open once again, and all you need to do is find the new path that works for you. When you maintain a positive attitude, it will shine through in your interviews and actually increase the likelihood that you’ll be hired. Your prospective employers will see a productive, helpful person and a good hiring prospect.


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