Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion

Performative Diversity is OVER

While there are currently organizations that are publicly praised for their efforts, their employees are taking to multiple platforms to air their grievances and give the public a different view.

Take Starbucks for example, after being in the media for a very negative situation regarding a Black customer, they very publicly apologized, donated money, and even closed down their stores for diversity training. 2 years later they were under fire yet again for banning their employees from wearing BLM merchandise. The backlash was immediate once that decision was made public on social media, and they had to backpedal again and reverse their decision.

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So where does that leave you? Are you ready for massive pitfalls like these?
  • H&M apologized after an online ad showed a black child modeling a hoodie with the text “coolest monkey in the jungle.
  • Nivea had to pull a Facebook ad in the Middle East last year that included the text “white is purity,” across the back of a woman in a bathrobe when white supremacist groups started using it.
  • Hasbro had to recall a doll due to the placement of a sensor that made it laugh being perceived as inappropriate.
  • Retention issues
    • Turnover, which is higher in organizations that aren’t inclusive, currently costs about a third of an employee’s salary.

What are you going to do about it???

Paying for training and adding diversity goals to your strategic plan isn’t enough. More comprehensive solutions are needed to create and sustain the changes that are needed for organizations to be truly diverse, equitable, and inclusive.

We have created a program to help organizations make diversity, equity, and inclusion a core part of their culture, fully embedded and sustainable. We’d love to share more information with you on our program and how you can get to the Sustainable level on our Maturity Model. Ready to chat? Take our DEI Assessment and we will be in touch.


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