A Beginner’s Guide to Working From Home and Staying Productive

July 19, 2018

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Working from home sounds like a dream. You’re in the comfort of your own home. There’s no boss or anyone else breathing down your back. You can set your hours, and come and go as you please. You’ll need the motivation to work alone, but it’s possible. From freelance writing gigs to setting up a home-based travel business, the internet provides you with a range of opportunities for working from home. The career shift might be a little bit intimidating, but there are plenty of online resources that can help you make the leap if you’re determined to do so.

Work from Home Jobs

Thanks to technology, there are plenty of work-from-home opportunities. Graphic designers, website designers, and writers often work from home. Clerical jobs such as data entry and word processing are usually done from home as well. Some businesses even allow employees to telecommute a few days a week.

Getting Connected

You’ll need to install reliable home internet. It’s practically impossible to work from home without an internet connection. Most correspondence takes place via email, Skype and Facetime meetings are the norm, and every business needs a website. Internet downtime means wasted time and money. Make sure to install reliable home internet as soon as possible. Aside from that, you’re going to want to get connected your team, if you have one.

The Home Office

You can practically use any room for work, depending on the job. And the lack of a home office shouldn’t deter you from working from home. But having said that, it’s true that an office is still important. It provides the privacy you need and allows you to organize. You can connect these to the internet and have some other cable replacements and fixture replacement done as well. The IRS might even give you the home office deduction.

The equipment you need depends on your business. A writer would want things such as a computer and printer. Perhaps a dictionary, additional reference books, and writing utensils. Just make sure your home office is a space for work and nothing else. That will help when it’s time to file taxes.


Staying productive is the hardest thing about working from home. There’s nothing to stop you from playing on the internet, watching that daytime talk show, or zoning out. Plus, you might have family members who think working at home means vacation. Set daily and weekly goals to stay motivated. Give yourself a little treat when you achieve your goals. As for family, you need to set boundaries. Explain that you’re working a real job, and can’t be disturbed doing work hours.

Shifting Gears

You’ll have to adjust to being your own boss. There are no co-workers, no one to joke around with, and no cubicle buddy. But you’ll learn that professionalism is still required. Just remember that you’re at work, even when it’s in your home.


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