Inappropriate email address

Your email should be simple, with no weird characters or words. The best option is a variation of first and last names.

Unnecessary personal information

If it's not a profession for which you 100% need more information, then don't include: weight, height, political views, religion, etc. Also, do not attach a photo unless it is the norm, as in some other countries.

Long lists

A numbered / bulleted list should consist of 5-7 items. All of these make it easier to read and therefore faster to process your resume words, which is very important.

Personal pronouns

No need for any I, my, me. My main goal = main purpose. I can implement = the ability to implement. I am currently = a position in a current job.

Standard generic phrases

For example: "good with co-workers," "responsible," "punctual," etc. Write only real personal qualities that are relevant to this profession.

Information about the reasons for leaving previous jobs

In general, do not write anything about it. Your message should be positive and light, showing you in the best light.

Not related to the job hobby

It is not necessary to specify what you like to do in your spare time if it is not connected with the potential job.


Your resume should be well-structured, containing only the information that is relevant to the occupation listed in the vacancy. The goal is not to show what a good and hardworking person you are, but that you are the ideal candidate for the position. That you can definitely handle all the responsibilities.

If you have any questions or want us or other users of the site to evaluate your resume, write to comments, we will be happy to help!

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