Struggles Companies Continue Facing in the Current Environment

By T Sears

April 26, 2022

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The current work environment is bringing many challenges. There have been so many changes and the workplace looks different with more remote work being available. Struggles companies continue facing in the current environment are burnout, keeping remote employees connected, and supply chain issues.


Burnout is something that has been around for many years. Burnout is of particular concern in the current as many employees are experiencing it at once. The current state of the world has increased this with many people’s lives being changed. People are trying to adapt to the differences and accept new ways of doing things, but it is not easy. Burnout can lead to decreased productivity and exhaustion. It is important for employers and employees to focus on preventing burnout, so productivity is maintained, and the business continues to be successful. Employees need to prioritize their health and well and strive to do their best instead of perfect. Exercise, relaxation time, and proper nutrition can also help.

Keeping Remote Employees Connected

Keeping remote employees connected is important for productivity and employee well-being. To keep them involved you can stay connected through technology by scheduling regular time to meet. You can utilize video conferencing technology to see each other’s faces and engage in activities. Utilize messaging technologies for troubleshooting and daily communication. You can ask for feedback and give them tools they need to help them be successful. There are some incentives that can help your remote employees stay connected.

Supply Chain Issues

Supply chain issues can cause frustration and dissatisfaction in your customers. Businesses try to stay lean, but they need enough people to work. Many places are having a hard time finding enough employees to meet demands. Operation costs are rising due to increased costs of fuel, transportation, and energy. Regulations can also cause another barrier to the supply chain. Working relationships are important with vendors to ensure the smoothest operation possible. Create a plan for when there are problems in the supply chain so you can work through disruptions and service your customers.

The current work environment is something many have not experienced before. Employees and employers are working to learn how to navigate a new normal and keep businesses running smoothly. Struggles companies continue facing include burnout, keeping remote employees connected and supply chain issues. A high focus of companies needs to be to prioritize the health and well-being of every employee.

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