Express Success Memberships include UNLIMITED 15- minute laser coaching sessions for the duration of the membership as well as access to the Sears Coaching Professional and Personal Development Website.


Benefits of Laser Coaching:

  • Gets right to the point of the issue
  • Short sessions fit into the schedule of even the busiest professional
  • Opportunity for immediate feedback and insight
  • Gives support for a myriad of situations

Hello! I’m Tamica

Certified Leadership Development Coach

People who know me well know that I am a Human Resources Professional and Coach who doesn’t like to waste time.  After several years of experience developing strong leaders at Fortune 500 companies, I’ve gained a reputation for being honest, direct and having high expectations. As a coach, I expect quick and lasting results. For this reason, Express Success Laser Coaching has become one of my specialties.

This approach is only for committed, exceptionally talented people.  If you enjoy working at a fast pace and are looking for tangible results in a short time, Express Success might be for you.

Getting Started is Easy


First, purchase the package and I will reach out to you to make sure that you’re a great candidate for Express Success. If you are, we will use this time to get clear on your goals.

Book Appointment

Book your first 15-minute laser coaching session.

1st Session!

Have your first Laser Coaching session and get on the express road to success. There will be homework and goals assigned at each session.

6 Month Express Success Membership

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Frequently Asked Questions

What kind of topic and challenges can we cover in these sessions?

I am a Leadership Development Coach. I coach business leaders, entrepreneurs and those looking to lead businesses in the future. I use an Integrative approach to coaching which means that while we may focus on the “work” you, I coach the “whole” you. This means that whatever you want to discuss, I am here to help.

Typically people use these sessions to discuss:

Upcoming meetings, prep for difficult conversations, getting feedback on interactions and situations, idea generation, and accountability.

Why Laser Coaching?

Laser Coaching is a strategic tool for busy professionals that helps you address long-term goals as well as just-in-time issues. Working on a long-term plan of moving into a larger role? Leading a huge project and need support? Have an important meeting that you need to prepare for? Working on a critical issue and need to brainstorm?

Laser Coaching helps you quickly set goals and develop effective strategies to achieve them faster than you ever thought was possible. Laser Coaching is about accountability, efficiency, and results.

Can I schedule same day sessions?

Sessions are scheduled 24 hours in advance but if there is an urgent need, reach out to me and I do my best to accommodate. The Sears Coaching Client Portal that members have access to allows you to contact me at any time.

Are there any rules?

As with most things in life, yes, there are rules! You can schedule as many 15-minute coaching sessions as you like up, for the duration of your agreement, up to 2 a day. You agree to do your homework before you schedule your next session. This piece is critical as it pushes you to take the necessary actions to get the results you want.

Is Express Success for me?

If you are committed to learning and want to grow and be successful then yes, Express Success is for you! This program is hard work, generally harder than traditional coaching due to the fast pace, but the rewards are more than worth it. It is designed to not only help you with your long-term goals but with the tactical issues that you face on a daily basis. Presentation planning, difficult discussions, performance issues, we cover it all. People who are solution focused and driven typically do well with laser coaching.

What if Laser Coaching Sessions aren’t a good fit for me?

This program isn’t a fit for everyone. It is fast-paced and works best for people who want to drive towards quick solutions to their problems. The ability to receive brutal honesty and feedback and make immediate course corrections is essential.

If you sign up and find that Laser Coaching isn’t a fit for you, we will switch you to a conventional coaching program to give you the opportunity to walk before you run.


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