De-stress with These 5 Ultimate Relaxation Techniques

August 30, 2018

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Stress can invade all facets of life, especially in your work life. When you feel like things are barreling you over and you are drowning, do you have a go-to method to unwind fast? If you do not immediately think of something zen, then you might need one of the ideas we use to knock out worry and stress. This blog talks about five spectacular ways you can get clarity when you need it the most.

Tai Chi or Yoga

Exercise is a great way to get your body and brain in another gear, but yoga and Tai Chi get your mind away from the day. The focus and concentration that you put into breathing, correct form, and stretching demands your attention, and you forget about everything else. If you are a beginner, then you may want to start with yoga because there are modifications and basic moves that you can use until you get the strength, balance, and flexibility for the advanced and intermediate positions.


Got knots in your shoulders? Is a headache-free day something you dream about all the time? A massage is a great way to relax after you come home from a long workday. Many spas have evening hours where you can book a half an hour of time to get a Swedish or hot rock massage. Some are soft and relaxing while others are hot or rough like deep tissue massage, which is used for healing sports injuries and sprains from falls, so be sure to get the right one. If you live with someone, then you can give each other shoulder and neck massages to get rid of taut muscles and an achy body. But if you’re alone and don’t want to spend money on routine massage visits, there are roller massagers and other massage tools that could help you to get the kinks out at home.

Sensory Deprivation Tanks

Some health and wellness spas offer a unique experience for stress relief. Sensory deprivation rooms are the size of a small bathroom or a little larger depending on the site. Inside you will enter a warm pool of water and float with a blindfold on for about 30 to 90 minutes. When the door is shut to the room, no noise can penetrate because of the soundproof walls. This experience lets your body and mind drift into a deep chasm away from the hustle and bustle of the city, screaming people, honking horns, and other noises.


The first thing you need for meditation is a quiet and comfortable space. Choose one thing to think or talk about and focus on only that item. When your mind drifts to other places, do not get angry or tense up. Take a deep breath and regain your concentration on your focal point. Try using a timer to let you know when your session is over so that you do not have to check the clock. Don’t just take my word for it!

Imagination and Visualization Techniques

Visualization involves you getting deep into your mind. You close your eyes and choose a place that you believe is your safe zone. Anywhere, anytime, any person and anything can be in your happy spot. Anything you do not want to be in your happy spot it is also under your control. When you need to clear your head fast, you can take five or ten minutes to close your eyes and concentrate on your happy spot. Think about how it feels like if the wind is blowing or something feels soft or sleek. Smell the air and the scents around you. All of these things will take your mind off from a stressful situation fast.

You can find out more about relaxation exercises here. The goal is to get your mind off from things that stress you out in a healthy manner. Depressive times require a mindful exercise while anxious days are the times when meditation or imagery work best. You can choose the method that suits your situation and switch up the choices to suit your mood. And at the end of the day, remember that even if you cannot release stress on your own, you might have to seek different ways to deal with the issues going on in your work life, such as seeking a coach to help you start organizing where to start.


I’m The Corporate Fixer and my mission is to help people become more self-aware so that they can lead from a place of authenticity and self-acceptance.

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