Careers that Emphasize Mentorship and Experience Based Training

October 18, 2018

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As a leader in your industry, you may often be asked to provide mentorship opportunities for newcomers to your field. Although many professions can benefit from a well-designed mentorship program, here are three specific career paths that emphasize mentorship and experience-based training:


Senior medical professionals are in a unique position to be able to share their clinical research and expertise with rising colleagues. The demands and rigors of a career in healthcare provide a natural fit for a medical mentorship.

In today’s hyper-connected world, where it is easy to find guidance in a variety of professions online, there is still no substitute for a traditional physician mentor-mentee relationship. New employees can stand to gain a lot of knowledge and hands-on training by shadowing an experienced medical professional.

Real Estate

The real estate industry relies heavily on networking. As a leader in the real estate industry, you can do your part to mentor new associates and work to connect them with others in the field. According to Rules of Renovation, providing mentorship along the way can prevent new people from feeling directionless or inexperienced. This mentorship is essential for training. Inviting less experienced employees to your open houses is another ideal way to demonstrate to them how to cultivate their trade.

Many realtor leaders have found that hosting free training events or networking opportunities is an effective way to reach out to new professionals in the field. Not only do you give back to your industry by being proactive about sharing your knowledge, but you also might gain an enthusiastic new employee as a result. Also, better-trained agents bring credibility to the industry as a whole.

Trade Careers

Trade professionals such as plumbers, electricians, and maintenance technicians can benefit tremendously from having an experienced mentor to guide them. A shadowing program is an effective way to teach less experienced technicians the ins and outs of the trade. Because these careers are so hands-on, the best way to get experience is to work under the tutelage of more experienced technicians. A rookie trade professional will make fewer mistakes if they are given the opportunity to learn from some of the best in the field.

By putting yourself out there as a mentor and sharing your knowledge with others, you can give back to your community and continue to be authentic in all of your career pursuits. Effective mentorship leads to continued excellence and superior quality in whatever field you work in.

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