5 Habits From School That Will Help You Succeed In Business

September 18, 2018

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Did you graduate and get your first student loan bill and freak out, wondering what on earth you paid all that money for? Yes? Ok, well stop doing that! Going to school you cultivate some valuable life lessons. Correct implementation of these experiences is at the heart of the success sought after in business. The following five habits picked up in school can be modeled and incorporated in just about any role.

Stress and Anxiety Management

School can be stressful especially during the first years. However, as you progress, you learn to handle the stress and anxiety and plan better for any bumps in the road. The ability to manage stress and tension that you learned by juggling coursework and assignments in school can be applied in the business world. Instead of getting stressed out in the first place, tell yourself that you’re just really excited about your work as the first step in managing your work-related stress and anxiety. This way, positivity flows in all you do.

How to Be On Time

Being on time for all of your school activities was a juggle. From class to extra-curricular activities, relationships, partying, to personal downtime. Your time was just limited as it is now, yet, you were able to manage all these activities. As you may recall, planning helped you to be on time and ready for the next item on your to-do-list.  Similarly, the same principle required of you in the business world for you to be successful. 

How to Work Hard

Looking back at your school life, you will appreciate the value of the effort you put in. Good grades required extra hours of study, research, and sometimes even a little extra help. Effort speaks of hard work.  In like manner, the same determination applied in school is one that could apply to you now. Spend more time on researching and studying how best to manage and grow your role or business.

How to Get Out Of Your Comfort Zone

Stagnating or declining business growth is similar to maintaining or dropping grades in school. These aspects point to familiarity in the comfort zone. Taking on new challenges helps break the comfort barriers. It renews your motivation and drives you towards new heights of achievement. As a result, you will learn to be innovative as you get more comfortable with being uncomfortable.

How to Accept Change

Sometimes changes that you went through in school were not the best, yet in all the disappointment, there was some good. For the most part, change is a reality of life that is inevitable. This is why businesses make changes to become better. It may be tough, but it is ultimately in your best interest to embrace changes in your workplace. This way you become more productive, efficient and relevant.

All in all, every stage in life is a learning process, a preparation for what is yet to come. The true value of these lessons is only evident in their implementation in your everyday life. This is why the habits picked up from school will help steer you towards success. And if you need some extra help implementing these things into real life, look into coaching to help better understand how to start succeeding.






I’m The Corporate Fixer and my mission is to help people become more self-aware so that they can lead from a place of authenticity and self-acceptance.

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