4 Ways to Improve the Cubicles in Your Workspace

February 25, 2020

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Cubicles are a great way to define a workspace. They can provide workers with privacy and designated space to focus. To make sure cubicle space is both comfortable and functional, consider adding some of these extras.

Multiple Monitors

The addition of an extra monitor or two can make it much easier for your employees to handle multi-step processes. While multitasking isn’t much of a time-saver, many workers find that having a spreadsheet open on one monitor makes the task of populating a report template much more efficient. For employees who need to communicate with clients in real time the ability to move from conversation to comments on a second screen greatly increases productivity.

Standing Desks

Sitting for long periods of time is hard on your spine. Over time, too much sitting can increase the risk of obesity and back problems. Installing standing desks can help your employees build core strength while increasing their focus on their tasks. Consider installing a desktop lift that can be easily elevated by the employee so they can move from a standing to a seated project as needed.


Employees should be able to display a few personal items within sight of their monitors. Pictures of their loved ones can easily go on a bookshelf or a corner of the desktop. While the employee’s space shouldn’t be cluttered, the addition of personal items can brighten a long workday and lift the spirits of a dedicated employee. Experts would advise you to consider the benefits of workspace decorating. Of course, nothing should extend above the height of the cubicle wall or impede the ability of the employee to get work done.


The addition of a green plant can add a touch of home to a cubicle. A green, leafy plant such as sansevieria, also called snake plant, can actually freshen the air in the office. Even better, the snake plant can flourish under fluorescent lighting. To avoid allergies and discomfort, ask employees to avoid flowering plants. Make sure that plant pots are required to include a drip tray to avoid water damage to desks and carpets.

Cubicles are supposed to be uniform, but this can make the office space a bit bland. It’s a good idea to keep things energized and welcoming. The addition of personal items and plants can brighten the space for all employees and encourage personal connections and a culture of being inclusive.


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