3 Ways Technology Can Save Your Business Time and Money

November 15, 2018

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Most people who know me well know that I love keeping things short, sweet and to the point. Efficiency is a key ingredient to success for entrepreneurs and business owners. All time and money that can be saved while still adequately completing vital business functions have a direct benefit on the bottom line of the company.

Modern technology has done a fantastic job of providing business owners with methods to improve the efficiency of their business operations. There are three major ways technology can help a business to save time and money.

Calculate Your Time Expenses

Business owners who calculate earnings based on a per-project basis or on the hours required to complete a job know that the old saying “’time is money” has a lot of truth in it. The time that employees spend tied up in one project takes manpower away from other endeavors that could create income. Put simply, the more time employees spend engaged in a single project, the more it costs the company to complete that project while it is also not reaping income from other ventures.

An upgrade your project management software to increase the speed of company processes so that you can save money for the company.

Remote Capabilities

Companies can now utilize technology to save on the cost of office space. In some cases, this expense can be eliminated altogether because today’s technology makes it possible for employees to work from remote locations.

When employees are not required to perform their job duties by physically being in a central location, business owners do not have to commit as many resources to secure and maintain that location. In addition, today’s digitally powered business world allows business owners to employ talented individuals for specific projects but not to employ those people full-time at the company. This individual can then be classified as a virtual assistant, a digital receptionist, or a variety of other job titles. According to these digital management specialists, “save staff time, improve security, and ensure a smooth experience for visitors in your office with a digital receptionist. Digital receptionist software provides a secure, web-based interface that simplifies the check-in process for visitors.”

Less Paper Used

There are many issues that require documentation. In the past, this meant printing these documents and storing them in file cabinets or tucked into the workspaces of company employees.

Many businesses continue to use too much paper despite the existence of email and cloud technology that make it unnecessary to accumulate paper documents. The cost of producing and keeping these paper documents can end up costing a business more than the owners and management may think. These tech and business experts explain, “With the advent of photo-scanning apps, business travelers can easily back up expense reports without needing to save a pile of papers to bring back to the office. Electronic files can also be shared with coworkers over a network or via email. Shifting to paperless documentation also makes the transportation of data more efficient, without the need for cumbersome fax machines or document couriers.”

Modern technology affords business owners the opportunity to streamline business processes in ways that save both time and money. A business owner who wishes to improve the efficiency of his or her business operations should learn and implement applicable tech solutions.

These three benefits that technology can provide businesses should be all the motivation needed for business owners to investigate tech solutions.

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