Finding Your Life’s Purpose

Finding Your Life’s Purpose

There’s much talk about people having purpose. Word on the street is that you need purpose in order to be fulfilled. The big question is always, what do you want to do with your life? That’s a really big question. Do you know the answer? Have you found yourself adulting but you haven’t found your life’s true purpose yet? Are you super bummed about it?  Well if it makes you feel any better, you’re not alone. You’re not a loser. In fact, it may indicate that you’ve been so busy taking care of business, kicking ass and taking names, that you just haven’t gotten around it yet.  No worries, I have 8 simple steps that you can use today to help you find your life’s true purpose.

1) Stop Worrying About It

The first step is to stop worrying about not finding your purpose. That isn’t helping. Worrying won’t take you any closer to finding what your life’s true purpose is, it actually holds you back from finding it. Holding on to those negative feelings is counterproductive to finding out

2) Focus on your here and now. Don’t put too much pressure on yourself.

Go do something that makes you happy. Get a mani/pedi, go play chess, go to a hockey game. Go do something fun.

3) Keep Track of What You Like

What do you actually LIKE doing? It’s ok if you just say watching TV or reading. What do you like to watch? What types of books do you read? Do you sketch things when you’re bored? Sing along to your favorite songs?  What fills your heart with joy? Pay attention to the things that you have a genuine interest in. And write it down. Keep track of the things that you’re drawn to.

4) Dig into Your Childhood

Did you want to be an astronaut when you grew up? A firefighter? What about that interested you? What did you think was fun? Some of us will have to think a little harder than others, but really try to remember as much as you can. Write them all down and if there is anything that still tickles your fancy, make note of it.

5) Go Exploring

Try something new. How will you know that you don’t like something if you don’t try it? I can officially say that I don’t like country line dancing. Can you? If there is something that piques your interest, go do it!  Check out Eventbrite and Meetup Groups. If something doesn’t work out, at least you can say that you tried. Keep trying new things until you find 3 new things that you like!

6) Find Your Own Dream

If your mom was a doctor, that doesn’t mean you have to be. If your dad was an attorney, you don’t have to love the law. If all of your friends went to nursing school, you don’t have to get over your fear of needles and plunge right in. Figure out what you want to do. Find out for yourself what you like to do.

Create your own path, your life is your journey and no one else’s. Don’t give yourself room to look back and say “what if”.

7) You Don’t Have to Make It About Work

You spend about 16 hours a day awake. For most people, they spend half of that time at work.  It makes perfect sense that a lot of people want to spend that time doing something meaningful and that fits with their true purpose.  But what if you spent your time at work doing something that you like to do and spent your time outside of work doing something meaningful that gave you a sense of purpose?

Many times, people feel unbalanced and out of sync because they aren’t doing anything purposeful and they spend so much time and energy trying to monetize their true purpose. How much time have you wasted trying to find meaning and purpose at work? Think about all of these steps and then think about what you can do outside of work that aligns with your true purpose.

If it is important to you to find purpose at work, think about finding it in the industry that you are in or the company that you work for. For example, I was able to find purpose in doing HR for a Veterinarian because I love animals but it would take quite a lot of work for me to own a zoo.

8) Above All, Have Patience

Your true life’s purpose isn’t going to just fall into your lap. You have to be patient. You’ll have some hits and some misses. Your perfect calling isn’t going just to hit you on the head. It’s going to take time and a fair amount of trial and error before you find what fits.

But whether you are trying to find your purpose at work or at home, finding out what makes you tick will be incredibly rewarding.

Ok, so this is really 8  and a half steps. Because my last note is to find your peeps. Figure out who will support you on this journey and see if they want to come along for the ride.

And don’t let anyone tell you what you can and can’t do. Don’t want to start your own business? Don’t. You can be happy working in corporate America. You can go to work happy and satisfied. Want to run your own business? Go for it! Not sure what you want? Do both. Whether it is through working for yourself, working for someone else, volunteering, or creating a side hustle, you can find your life’s true purpose and add meaning to your life.

4 Soothing Stress Management Techniques Perfect for the Modern Executive

4 Soothing Stress Management Techniques Perfect for the Modern Executive

Stress is one of the challenges of a modern, busy life. The increases in heart rate and blood pressure that are part of the stress response are part of the body’s natural way to deal with danger. However, our bodies do not do a good job of separating a real threat, like a wild animal, from a perceived danger, like an angry email or missed deadline. Managers and executives deal with this kind of mental stress on a regular basis, and it can have serious effects on their health and wellbeing. Here are four techniques to deal with daily stress.

Find a Meditation Space

Meditation is another common way to deal with stress. By studying meditation, you are learning how to refocus and slow down your mind. The rapid thoughts that come with stress are allowed to pass. The more adept you become at the practice, the easier it becomes to enter that quiet, single-minded state. If you have trouble sitting still, yoga classes often combine a time of meditation with physical activity.

Breathe Deeply

The first step in dealing with stress is slowing yourself down. Although it is difficult to control your heart rate or blood pressure, you can control your breathing. When you feel stressed, take three deep breaths. With each breath, you will slow down and feel a little more in control. Try it now!

Head to the Woods

Spending time in the woods has been found to be a surprisingly effective way to deal with stress. As you walk down a woodland trail, you step away from the stressful situations. The sounds and smells of nature surround you, pulling you away from anxiety. The air is cleaner, and the world is calmer among the trees.  You do not have to travel far — most areas have nature preserves and trails nearby, even in the desert here in Arizona.

Schedule a Regular Spa Visit

Visiting a spa is a great way to recharge your batteries. These facilities offer many options for stress relief including massages, hot springs, and saunas. A sauna with a wood-burning heater is a time-tested solution to help clear your mind and relax your body. As you sit in the warm room listening to the cracking and popping of burning wood in the sauna heater, you cannot help but relax. Follow that sauna with a cold dip in a pool or lake and you will be energized for your next project. For the ultimate experience, try a retreat that combines personal growth with spa time.

As a business executive, you have many things on your plate. The stress that comes with making tough decisions and meeting expectations is inescapable. When you learn to slow down and step away from stress, you will be a better and more productive leader.

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